1 VS 100 DVD Game

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Publisher: Mattel
Publication Year: 2007
Game Paradise SKU: g817001
Average Playtime: 30 minutes
Minimum Players: 1
Maximum Players: 7
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Trivia

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In this DVD game, host Bob Saget asks players multiple-choice trivia questions, as they compete against 100 Mob members. The object of the game is to eliminate the entire Mob and win up to $1,000,000 in pretend money. The host asks the player and the Mob the same multiple-choice trivia question. If the player gets it right, they win money for each Mob member that answered incorrectly, plus eliminates those Mob members from the game. If the player gets the question wrong, the Mob splits the winnings and the game is over. At certain points, the player will have opportunities to stop the game and leave with their winnings or risk all of their winnings and play for more money. This DVD Board Game includes the DVD game and player cards.