Mage Tower A Tower Defense Game

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Publisher: Super Mega Games
Designer: Brett Brimmer
Publication Year: 2013
Game Paradise SKU: g214004
Average Playtime: 30 minutes
Minimum Players: 1
Maximum Players: 4
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Resource Management

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Mage Tower is a tower defense card game for 1-4 players that combines the frenzy of tower defense games with the replayability and customization of fantasy card games. Each game you make a unique deck from over 170 different spells and abilities. You and opponents pick from a selection of cards to build your deck. Focus on card combos, synergy, balanced energy costs, and watch out for your opponent's strategy! During the game there are two decks: the Monster Deck and your customized Player Deck. Each turn monsters come out of the monster deck to attack you, and you use the cards from your Player Deck to deal damage to them, draw cards, mess with opponents, and more. There are also some subtle deck building elements with "Prize Cards" you can buy during the game to add to your deck. The first players to lose all their life from the monsters lose.