Earth DawnDenizens Of Barsaive Vol 1Savage Worlds

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Game Paradise SKU: g93x109
Average Playtime: minutes
Minimum Players: 3
Maximum Players: 10
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Theme or Humor

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From publisher blurb: The Namegivers The eight Namegiving races of Barsaive form the heart and soul of the land. They share many experiences and beliefs, but have their own cultures and traditions. Each race is unique and together they breathe life into the land of Barsaive. Denizens of Barsaive Volume One provides an indepth look at four of the Namegiving races of Barsaive: Elves: Beings of feeling and spirituality, they seek to restore their culture's former glory. Humans: Versatile enough to learn the unique abilities of every race, they adapt quickly to most any situation. T'skrang: Flamboyant, reptilian beings with a bravado that reflects their zest for life. Windlings: Small, winged beings whose passion for change makes them mischievous and unpredictable (and annoying to some). Denizens of Barsaive Volume One describes the elves, humans, t'skrang, and windlings in detail, and provides race-specific Disciplines, new Adept Skills, unique equipment, and special rules for playing each race. This fascinating and invaluable reference is for Earthdawn Savage Worlds Edition players and Game Masters alike. Requires use of the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook and Earthdawn Game Master's Guide (Savage Worlds Edition).