Yugioh Dice Master Starter Set

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Publisher: WizKids
Designer: Eric M. Lang
Publication Year: 2015
Game Paradise SKU: g522019
Average Playtime: 60 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 2
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Luck and Betting

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters is a dice-building game patterned after Quarriors! that features custom dice representing various characters from the 4K Media show. In the game, each player brings a set of dice to the table; these form his team, from which only he can purchase dice. In addition, each player brings two basic action cards, which are placed in the center of the table; both players can purchase them. During a turn, a player draws and rolls a number of his dice, purchases additional dice, and fields character dice to attack the other player. A player wins once the opposing player has been reduced to zero life. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters is one of several planned Dice Masters games, all of which can be intermixed (or played alone).