King of the Jungle

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Publisher: OMGames, LLC
Publication Year: 2016
Game Paradise SKU: g12x046
Average Playtime: 20 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 21
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Party

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Every player is dealt one animal card, face down, and the goal of each player is to be the last surviving animal. There are 21 different animals, including "Man," and they range from the lowly mosquito to the mighty Lion. The game is played in days and each day, players take turns either asking another player a "yes" or "no" question (in a quest to learn the identity of that player's animal) or attacking another player's animal (if they believe their animal is stronger that day). When an attack occurs, the player with the more powerful animal ON THAT DAY wins the attack and stays in the game. The losing animal is revealed to all and the player with the losing animal is out of the game. The game continues until only one player/animal remains and that player/animal is declared King of the Jungle. Now, while each animal has a usual strength (i.e., the Frog (3), the Crocodile (12), the Lion (20)), each day comes with a different condition (i.e., flood, monsoon, Beautiful Day). The condition of a day can change the strength of some of the animals. So, no animal is always the stronger or the weaker every day of the game. For example, while the Lion (20) on most days is more powerful than most animals, during a flood, the strength of the Crocodile rises to 21 and will defeat the Lion this day. Learning which player has which animal, when to attack another player's animal, and how to keep your animal secret, are key components to becoming King. To enhance the strategic element, you can play with Advantage Cards (included). There are six different advantage cards and each player is dealt one at the start of the game. Advantage Cards may increase your animal's strength when attacking, it could allow your animal to "Run Away" from an attack, among other things. In addition, if you download the "King of the Jungle Companion App" from your favorite App Stores, you will have information in your hand pertaining to facts about the animals (helpful when asking or answering questions), rule variations, and Trivia (which can be used to incorporate a reincarnation rule or determining who starts the game). This information is also available on the game's website. This fun and hilarious game of deception, deceit, and deduction will challenge a player's memory, teach one how to ask questions, and enhance your analytical processes. It is great fun for kids, adults, adults with kids, large groups, and family get togethers. It can be played with up to 21 players! Enjoy and good luck on becoming King!