Phoenix Covenant

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Publisher: Hikari Games
Designer: Sriraman Subbaraman
Publication Year: 2017
Game Paradise SKU: g924100
Average Playtime: 1 hours and 30 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 4
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Theme or Humor

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Introduction Worlds are dying, as if someone is toying with fate itself, shredding the very fabric of the universe. This spectre does not distinguish between gods and men, all are crushed beneath the feet of what can only be called...The Cataclysm. Five great beings have formed a Covenant to halt the devastation. Battle rivals to prove that you&rsquo;re a commander that The Five need in order to stop The Cataclysm and earn your place amongst their great champions. The Game Phoenix Covenant is a tactics battle card game that fans have called "like Magic meets Final Fantasy Tactics" - and yes, you can believe them. It's far more than "cards on a board;" there's real strategic depth and you're not subject to mere dice rolls at every critical moment. In this universe, you are a great commander trying to prove yourself as the best of them all in a battle of wills. Outmaneuver your foes and create tactical formations by turning your cards, outwit others with well-timed unit abilities, combos and spells, and outplay opponents by taking advantage of our unique special-summoning Commander cards, directional armor and attack system, and built-right-on-the-field structure cards. More Details Commander Units allow players to forward-deploy units against opposing forces. While you can use them for their native abilities or attack power, forward-deploying can turn the tide of a battle. Position-based mechanics augment keyword-based and event-based mechanics seen in card games up to now. Some cards grow in power based on their position on the board, others might protect units next to them, and others might deflect enemy attacks. The unique square (80mm x 80mm) card units come with a combination of armor and weakpoints. Damage is reduced when a unit is attacked on an armored side, while a unit suffers a critical hit (extra damage) when hit in a weakpoint. You'll need to maneuver and turn your units to attack your enemies' unarmored sides and weakpoints while protecting your own in deadly tactical duels across the game board. In the Player vs. Player (PvP) head-to-head mode, you test your tactical and strategic might against everyone at once. Choose your army well, learn spells, and consider constructing powerful structures to support your forces. There is also a 2v2 team battle mode for all out there who want to test their skills while bringing a friend along for the fight! A Player vs. Environment (PvE) cooperative mode is under development, and multiple scenarios are being tested. With it, you will play alongside friends and take on missions that The Five require you and other great commanders to complete. You may even be able to design your own scenarios.