Fabulous Floats

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Publisher: Fat Brain Toy Company
Publication Year: 2012
Game Paradise SKU: g725005
Average Playtime: 15 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 5
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Skill Game

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Part of the "Smell-o-rama!" collection. Quench your thirst for fun with Dr. Fizzy&rsquo;s Fabulous Floats. A cola-scented game filled to the brim with fast moves and keen sight. It&rsquo;s a soda-licious, refreshingly fun card game for everyone. Open the game and mmm-mmm, the cola scent brings everyone to the table. Quickly gather the ingredients to build your ice cream float - a frosty mug, ice cream, soda and a spoon or straw. Now sit back and&hellip; Yuck! Goat soap and mashed potato - instead of ice cream and soda? You were a little too quick with the ingredients you picked, and now you&rsquo;re the one in a fizz! Start again and think to sweeten your drink. Make three fabulous floats and win. Kids and adults alike savor the fun game features - The Float, The Flip, Slap a Card, and Slap a Cap. (Even better, reasoning is a required ingredient.) Dr. Fizzy&rsquo;s Fabulous Floats is deliciously good fun for the whole family.