Paaren AKA Couples

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Publisher: Singlish Mopping
Designer: Fred Kater
Publication Year: 2006
Game Paradise SKU: r924004
Average Playtime: 1 hours and 15 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 4
Suitable Audience: Adults
Genre: Theme or Humor

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from Spielbox: A new Bremen-based publisher without a website as of yet. They will be releasing a game that apparently has been making the rounds of insiders for the past 10 years. The title: Paaren / Couples. It's a card-playing game. Each player plays cards. In one spot, one man can be matched with a suitable woman. Matches are determined by having at least two matching characteristics with both the location and the partner. These can be different, though. Players always have four characteristics, locations have two to six. There are influence cards which can break up matches as well as destroy them. Thankfully there are also other cards which offer protection against jealousy. The first player to reach a pre-set number of matches wins the game. The game will be bilingual (German / English) and come with 120 individually illustrated cards. Since most will recognize the characters, it will be great fun to match those who might not seem to be such a good match to start.