Lady Lovely Locks And The Pixietails Seek & Peek Game

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Publisher: Western Publishing Company
Designer: (Uncredited)
Publication Year: 1987
Game Paradise SKU: b924008
Average Playtime: 45 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 4
Suitable Audience: Kids
Genre: Theme or Humor

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Lady Lovely Locks And The Pixietails: Seek &amp; Peek Game is a memory game for children. It includes paper dolls, a gameboard, a spinner, tokens, disks, and a rule sheet. Each player picks a paper doll at the beginning of the game. The paper dolls are each in different colors, has drawings of three Pixietail creatures, and has three cut-out portions wherein Pixietail tokens may be inserted. The object of the game is to be the first player to collect all three Pixietail tokens to insert in her paper doll and find the Castle disk. Players take turns with the Spinner to determine the area in the gameboard where she may select face-down Pink disks. If the other side of the disk she picked up has a Pixietail image of the matching color and design (not yet collected), she takes a similar Pixietail token and inserts it in one of the cut-out sections. She then returns the disks face-down in the same location in the gameboard where she picked them before. If a non-matching disk was selected, it is also returned to the same location face-down and play passes to the next player. If a player's doll collects all three Pixietail tokens, that player then picks only Violet disks in her succeeding turns. If the Castle is then selected from the Violet disks, that player wins the game. If the "Duchess RavenWaves" was selected from one of the disks, that player must remove one Pixietail token from her doll. She then again is demoted to select Pink tokens only until she again completes all her Pixietail tokens.