Die Sprache Des MaNiTu AKA The Language of MaNiTu

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Publisher: Drei Magier Spiele
Designer: Jacques Zeimet
Publication Year: 2007
Game Paradise SKU: g026001
Average Playtime: 15 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 6
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Other (Math/Memory/etc)

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The goal of the game is to speak the Die Sprache Des Manitu language Each turn the players draw a card and read loudly the syllable, each new turn a new syllable is added and the player must say it without error. from the publisher&acute;s site: "Ma-Ni-Tu (The dodgy syllable game) All the Indians pay attention to the chief who shows the first card. The first Indian reads it out loud: "HO". The chief inserts it in the card holder so that the others cannot see it and the second card is drawn. The second Indian repeats "Ho" and adds "TI" for the second card. The wise chief verifies, if anyone makes a mistake. Who can remember the longest word in Manitou's language?"