XLR8 Card Game

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Publisher: The United States Playing Card Company
Designer: (Uncredited)
Publication Year: 2008
Game Paradise SKU: g526034
Average Playtime: 0 minutes
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 6
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Luck and Betting

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From publisher <a target='_blank' href="http://www.drtoy.com/awards/product.php?ProductID=6158" rel="nofollow">http://www.drtoy.com/awards/product.php?ProductID=6158</a> : XLR8&trade; is an exciting, math-based card game where the first player to reach 200 miles per hour wins! It is easy to learn and fun for the whole family! Each player is dealt 5 cards and the remaining cards are placed face down in the center of the table to be used as the draw pile. Players should maintain 5 cards in their hand at all times until they hit &ldquo;Top Speed.&rdquo; Players do this by drawing after each turn. At the end of their turn, players must call out their current speed. To start the game, players place a card from their hand on the playing surface in front of them, face up. This is the &ldquo;Speed Pile.&rdquo; Players have their own active speed piles they are trying to increase to 200MPH. Players track their speed using their &ldquo;Speed-O-Meter&rdquo; by adjusting the wheel at the end of each turn. This process is repeated until someone reaches &ldquo;Top Speed,&rdquo; but players must try to avoid the Blow Out, Caution, and Pit Stop cards along the way! Start your engines, you are ready to play!