Minda Maze Game

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Publisher: Parker Brothers
Designer: Marvin Glass
Publication Year: 1970
Game Paradise SKU: g612004
Average Playtime: 10 minutes
Minimum Players: 1
Maximum Players: 2
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Abstract Logic

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In Mind Maze, each player builds a maze for the other to navigate, sight unseen. They then race each other. The board stands vertically between the players and serves as a screen. On your half, you build a maze by placing a number of baffles between posts. Handicapping can be achieved by reducing a player's number of baffles. When the race starts, you use a magnetic controller to nudge your steel ball (on the opponent side) through the maze, toward the exit hole. When you hit a baffle, your ball fails to follow the controller and drops to the bottom, where you must grab it anew.