Land of the Damned 1 Chaos Lands

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Publication Year:
Game Paradise SKU: g93x122
Average Playtime: minutes
Minimum Players: 3
Maximum Players: 10
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Theme or Humor

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From the back cover: The legendary Land of the Damned is said to have been created by the Gods of Light to lock away from the world the Minions of Darkness that once served the Old Ones. The Northern Mountains are the first obstacle one must brave to gain entry - higher than Earth's tallest mountains, plagued by monsters and demons, and littered with the bones of those who have failed. Beyond the mountains is the Great Rift and the Land of the Damned. A place of mystery and evil, but also of the promise of secrets of magic, forgotten history and great treasure. Join us, if you dare, to explore this cursed realm. The Northern Mountains and their many legends, mysteries and dangers. The Great Rift that divides the Land of the Damned and leads to the pits of Hades. The Tristine Chronicles and history of the region. Over a dozen new monsters (and some old favorites too). Over a dozen new infernal supernatural fiends. Over 200 adventure hooks and ideas drawn from the Tall Tales, Rumors &amp; Lies Tables, Worlds of the Abyss Table, and regional descriptions and historical background!! 'Nuff said! 192 pages by Bill Coffin. High fantasy compatible with the entire Palladium Megaverse!