Land of the Damned 2 Eternal Torment

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Publication Year:
Game Paradise SKU: g93x123
Average Playtime: minutes
Minimum Players: 3
Maximum Players: 10
Suitable Audience: Family Friendly
Genre: Theme or Humor

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From back of the book: The legendary Land of the Damned is said to have been created by the Gods of Light to lock away from the world the Minions of Darkness that once served the Old Ones. The Land of Eternal Torment is the place where the worst of the worse were condemned to walk the earth as the living dead. Elsewhere are the Beasts of Chaos, the product of the Old Ones' wicked imagnination and lust for conquest. Then there is teh Darkest Heart and the Palace of Therendil deep within its darkest forests, home to lost souls, shattered dreams and corrupting evil. Welcome to the Land of the Damned part two. We hope you enjoy your stay... - The Land of Eternal Torment, prison to the worst villains of the Chaos War, condemned to walk the earth as the living dead. - 15 types of undead, all but the vampire are new. - 15 Beasts of Chaos - monstrous creations of the Old Ones. - Curses galore, including dozens of new and terrifying ones. - The enchanted forests of the Darkest Heart, home to were-beasts and evil Faeries. The Fallen Palace of Therendil and the promise of redemption. - Over 100 adventure hooks and ideas drawn from rumors and lies. - Regional descriptions, magic items and historical background!!