A gamers German to English Dictionary

Germany has us beat, fellow Americans.  They are simply superior board game designers.  Although I suppose it’s no great shock given that board games are a much bigger pastime in Germany.  But this being said, we, and probably some of you, have ended up with German games in your homes.  Because of this we have compiled a short English to German dictionary of indispensable gamer terms via some of our own experience and a little bit of babble fish (German followers, feel free to correct mistakes or add other phrases!).

  • Ante – Einsatz
  • Bet – Wette
  • Board – Brett
  • Board Game – Brettspiel
  • Card – Karte
  • Card Game – Kartenspiel
  • Dice – Würfel
  • Draw a Card – zeichnen Sie eine Karte
  • Game – Spiel
  • Instructions – Anweisungen
  • Lose – verlieren Sie
  • Move – Bewegung
  • Pawn – Pfandgegenstand
  • Play a Card – spielen Sie eine Karte
  • Round – rund
  • Rules – Richtlinien
  • Space – Raum
  • Turn – Umdrehung
  • Win – Gewinn

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