Another Installment of: Gaming with nothing (or next to nothing).

Ok folks, it’s time for another great installment of: Gaming with nothing! … or next to nothing.  With the fall quickly approaching, and thus the temperatures slated to lower to a more humane level, this time I am focusing on games that can be played outside in your yard or park.

Leader (Supplies Required: None)

The first game I would like to introduce you all to is called “Leader”.  This is a game, that for me, has it’s origins in my church’s youth group camp.  When I first played it there was a large ring of teenagers, approximately 15 of us in total.  And don’t let the church part put you off, this is a game that can be as dirty, or as innocent, as the people playing it.

The first part of Leader is that someone must be chosen to start off as leader.  This person is kinda like the ring master, so it’s best to start with someone who has played before, if that is possible.  Otherwise, pick someone fun loving and imaginative.   The next step is to get the group in a big large circle.  There are three major rules:

  1. You can not speak unless spoken to by the leader.
  2. You can never use personal pronouns.
  3. You must keep track of what is going on at all times.

Now the game begins.  The leader starts by passing an imaginary ball across the circle to another player.  They must then pass it along to someone else.  This pass can be subtle or obvious.  As soon as a player looses track of the ball, and thus doesn’t “catch” it, any player in the group who notices may raise their hand and address the leader.

“Magnificent Leader, the cowardly Sally has failed to keep track of the pass, and the cowardly Sally should be rebuked!”

Notice the lack of pronouns?  Yeah, it’s part of the silly fun of the game.  The leader then acknowledges Sally’s mistake and rebukes her.   Rebukes her how?  In any creative way they can come up with!  (this is where the game can turn naughty or nice) “Sally must come to the center of the circle and cluck like a chicken!” or “Sally must regale us with the tale of her first day at school” or “Sally must now remain standing on one foot for the remainder of the game. “.   Anything goes, and what the leader says is gospel.  The leader may also impose arbitrary rules upon the Magnificent Leader’s subjects, should the Magnificent Leader choose to.  Pick a leader very carefully!

Hide and Seek Flash Light Tag (Supplies Required:  One Flash Light)

Ok, most of us played some variant of this as a kid, but for the grownups out there, you have to hear about how my husband played it with his brothers, because this turns a simple game of “Hide and Seek” into an epic “Spy vs Spy” like extravaganza.

So the first thing that must be done is to pick someone who is “it”.  They go and stand on whatever has been chosen as base and counts to 100 while everyone else hides.  We all know that drill.  This person is armed with a flash light, a deadly weapon indeed!

This is where things get interesting.  It’s dark out, and you have to get back to base without getting hit with that beam of light.  How do you accomplish that?  By moving in the shadows.  It’s in the players best interest to blend in to their surroundings in whatever way possible.  My husband’s brother use to dress in all black for this.  You could hide in the shadows, but in plain site, and slink back slowly and stealthily.

Can-Can (Supplies Required:  An object, usually a trash can, but anything that can stand on it’s own and won’t hurt to bump into works fine.)

This game starts out with everyone in a big circle, holding hands, around a trash can.  The goal of this game is to get your opponents to bump into the trash can.   The rules are pretty simple.  You are not allowed to let go of the hands on either side of you, and if you bump the trash can in any way, you are out.   You can attempt to push, pull, and otherwise manipulate the other players into touching the can.  It’s a high energy game and can be a lot of fun.  The last man standing wins.

Hope you enjoy these suggestions!

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