Bubble Brain: A surprising hit

Bubble Brain

We found a used copy of bubble brain and thought “What the heck, we don’t have this one yet”.  It’s not really our style of game, but we fully acknowledge that other people eat this stuff up, so we bought it.   What we ended up with was a surprise smash hit amongst our gaming group.

The game reminds me a lot of Balderdash.  A photograph is played out on the table, then everyone writes what the person in the photo is thinking, and then you all take turns guessing who wrote what and gaining points.   Pretty easy.

Bubble Brain Picture Card

A "Bubble Brain" card.

The scoring method didn’t really do much for us, it was just an exercise in following the rules.  However, writing and hearing all of the ‘thoughts’ made the game a lot of fun.  There were times the game paused for several moments because we were all doubled over laughing.

However, I must admit that the game took a turn for the raunchier side of humor with our group, and I think that’s what really sold it for us.  In a more ‘straight-laced’ crowd this would likely be not nearly as entertaining.  Not exactly a game to play with Grandma (unless grandma is particularly cool!).

So overall, not exactly original but surprisingly entertaining.  I’d give it a firm B, maybe B+.

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