Ca$h ‘n Gun$: not a gamer’s game

You and your cronies just executed a bank heist and now you are back at your headquarters to divy up the loot.  There is only one problem, you’re all a bunch of greedy gangsters who never learned how to share.  Cash N’ Guns puts you in this scenario to fight it out or duck for cover.

CNG is a voting game.  You use your provided foam toy gun to instananeously choose who you want to shoot at.  The more guns that are pointing at you, the more dangerous it becomes.  However, maybe none of them have bullets in thier guns, have you been keeping track?

There are multiple rule variants that come with the game, but the basic set up has you simply scrambling for the most cash.  The game play is extremely simple, and could be a good game for younger children (except for that whole, pointing guns at people part… but that’s for each parent to decide).  The game play is so simple, that I actually don’t enjoy more than one game every once in a great while, but is a good one to pull out when playing with ‘non-gamers’.  Simply put, if you get shot, you don’t get to take any money that turn.  If you duck out of the way of a pointed gun, you don’t get any money that turn.  Otherwise money is split evenly among remaining players.

Some of the other rule variants make the game more interesting, but also more cumbersome.  For example each gangster can have a special ability, or there could be a snitch in your midst.  Each of these variants have thier own benefits, but they feel like an afterthought to me, not meshing well with the original mechanics.

What would add more to it, as a non-gamer game, would be more humor.  There are no funny cards, characters, etc to keep the group laughing, which I think would carry this game much further.  It would be like playing Munchkin with serious monsters and weapons, or worse yet, Kill the Hippies without the flavor text.  Simply not as good.

Final impression?  It’s an OK game when playing with non-gamers.  In a group of gamers I think this game would be painfully boring, there are certainly better voting games on the market.  But for a simple evening with non-gamers it has the potential to go over well.

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