Caramel Bacon Popcorn

So last night we were all sitting around gaming.  My husband had just made some popcorn and we were all sharing it happily.  He makes popcorn on the stove the old fashioned way, and it’s wonderful.  A good friend of ours makes homemade caramel, he had brought some the week before and we still had some remnants in the refrigerator.  We typically dip pretzels and such in it, and it was suggested that we try it with the popcorn. One thing led to another and bacon was brought up.  Having some bacon bits in the fridge (the good ones, not the imitation junk), I decided to experiment with this potentially delicious food crime.

So I took a large baking pan and covered the bottom with popcorn.  I drizzled the top with caramel sauce, and sprinkled on the bacon bits.  I popped it in the oven at 350 degrees, so that the caramel would crystallize instead of being a gooey mess.   Approximately 10 minutes later we pulled them out and all tentatively gave it a try.

It was amazing!

It was a delicious, slightly salty, sweet, savory treat.  The caramel and the popcorn, natural allies, blended beautifully with savory treat that is bacon.  The bacon stuck to the caramel, when it was gooey,  and when baked and the caramel hardened, concreted onto the popcorn making it a lot less mess then I thought it might be.

The end result was, the pan of this that we made went so fast that some people only managed a kernel or two of popcorn.  We are totally doing this again on other game nights!  Given that we are all gamers, and the love of bacon seems to be a common thread that binds us all together, I thought I would share this wonderfulness with you.  Enjoy!

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