Cards Against Humanity: Politically incorrect, and we loved it.

Today’s blog is rated ‘M’ for Mature.
It is full of suggestive themes that parents may find offensive.

Apparently this is the week for naughty card games that are anything but PC.  I present to you:  Cards Against Humanity.  This is a funny, raunchy, so wrong its good, variant of the game “Apples to Apples”.

Monday is the typical night that my gaming group gets together.  We all roll in to my house after work, around 7pm.  We settle in for some dinner, and some gaming, and just generally have a good time.  One of my friends came in this week absolutely seething.   He is an employee at one of those large craft stores, and had apparently had all he could take of customers and co-workers for one day.  We told him “we have a game that will cheer you up!”, there was a comment about preferring a chainsaw and a lack of morals, and he headed towards the gaming table.

I started explaining the rules to the group.  We had a lot of us squeezed around the table, I believe our head count was 12, and only one hadn’t played “Apples to Apples” before.  So the rules went quickly and we got rolling.  For those who might not be familiar with “Apples to Apples”, each round one person is the “Card Czar”.  They flip over a card which in this case is a question or a fill in the blank.  Everyone submits cards to the Czar.  That person then mixes up those submissions (so they don’t know who each one of the cards came from), and then they read them aloud.  After a good laugh, and maybe even some discussion, the Czar picks the one they like best.  The chosen person gets a point.  The first person to a specified number of points is the winner.

One example, out of many, of how this game is soooo not PC. (And for the record, if I was the card czar for this round, it would be “Harry Potter Erotica” for the win!)

The first black card that was played showed off one of the really cool features about this game:  Dual card submissions.  Some of the cards have two blank lines, and each player submits two cards instead of one.  For example:  “When I was tripping on acid _______ turned into ______”.  I remember one of the answers was “When I was tripping on acid vikings turned into Brittany Spears at 55”.  These dual cards allow for a lot of replay ability.

This game is not PC, it’s one of it’s charms. But if you get offended by racist/sexist/inflammatory jokes easily, this might not be the game for you.

Our game continued.  We quickly met the requirement that we set forth of “First person to three won rounds is the winner” and decided to keep going until we got tired of it, which went for many many rounds.  I’d say we played this game for well over an hour, laughing and snorting the whole time, without really getting tired of it.  Once we were asked to stop for a moment before one gal peed herself from laughing so hard.  In the end, it was the fact that people had to work in the morning that broke the game up, not a desire to quit playing.  My friend who was having a bad day left saying “Nah, I think you were right, that was way better than a chainsaw”.

I have to give the makers of this game one final bit of praise:  their game is free to download and print.  They say it’ll cost you about $10 to print this and roughly an hour of your time to cut it all apart.  However, if you would like to give back a little to the company who brought you this game, you can also order a professional printing of the game.  I love this company’s attitude of “We just want you to play our game, even if that means we might not get paid”.   That’s just awesome.

So, what are my final thoughts on this game?  It’s hilarious, it’s politically incorrect, and we had a blast playing it.  Over half of my gaming group wants to purchase copies of it now, so that they can take it to play with their other friends.  And to me that’s really the highest form of board game flattery.

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  1. When you have a topic that requires multiple cards to answer, how does the Card Czar keep them all straight?

  2. How we handled this was by each player putting their cards down in front of the Czar with the card they wanted to have read first on the bottom. Then when the Czar mixes up the cards they did it in more of a “shell game” style. Aka, they moved the individual piles around on the table until they couldn’t remember which one was which.

    This seemed to work pretty well for us, but then again, we weren’t playing for blood either. I’m sure there are other ways you could accomplish this, like having the Czar close their eyes while cards are placed in front of them. Whichever works for your group.

  3. PerfectlyNormalBeast says:

    Paladin Revenent, we used paper clips for each double submission.

  4. gwib says:

    After each round does each player draw a new white card, so that you always have the same number of cards as when you started?

  5. Yep, each round you draw back up to a hand of 10 cards.

  6. george&shereesa says:

    We just had a friend bring this game over sunday. LOVED IT havent laughed that hard in years. ordered the game monday. Was not looking forward to waiting a week for delivery. just downloaded the pdf to hold us over till our order gets here. You guys are BRILLIANT (and slightly disturbed)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    What are you not seeing here?!!
    NOTHING, NO THING is ‘free’; another brick in the wall of degradation, that is encircling humanity before billions they are ‘put down’ for being unfit to live in Paradise.

  8. Gary says:

    Played it for the first time last night with a group of friends of all ages. We had a heck of a good time! I want to buy the game for myself, now!

  9. Ann says:

    Just played this game at a friends 50th birthday. A group of grown women laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks!! I think all the party goers’ are buying a box for themselves tomorrow. Great adult game!

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