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Say Anything Family Edition

by John Quiett So I was recently asked by my mother to find a game that everyone in our family can play together, that wasn’t to silly and was not strategy based.  This was a surprisingly tall order when I got around to looking for this game.  I have two brothers, we all have wives/girlfriends […]


One of the players that regularly come into my shop has a taste in games that typically runs toward the harder to acquire euro games.  He often brings in one or two that I have never heard of in order to let me have a taste, and sometimes when he does that, I just can’t […]

Flower Fall – Originality is King

Over all, I have to give the designers props for originality. It’s a really silly, interesting, idea. And he pulled it off well, without it turning into an excuse to simply play 52 card pickup.

Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition

I love Are You A Werewolf? and it’s sister game Ultimate Werewolf.  That’s why we host an evening of it each month in my shop.  It’s also why I stay up till dawn during conventions.  Playing werewolf is more than just a game, it’s downright a hobby all of its own.  My other half knows […]

Evolution : The Orgin of Species (with Time to Fly Expansion) – AKA I made a critter!

So many games have names similar, Terra Evolution and Evo come to mind immediately, that saying “Lets play Evolution” becomes somewhat nondescript and meaningless. So why “Critters”? Because that is the affectionate term us hoosiers, with our own inestimable and particularly picayune parochial charm, seem to gravitate towards each time we played out a brand new unevolved creature.

Telestrations Against Humanity

My gaming group fell upon two new favorite party games over the past few years:  Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity.  Telestrations is a hybrid between Pictionary and Telephone, while Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a politically incorrect re-imagining of Apples to Apples.  CAH is always raunchy, dirty, and all around in bad taste.  It’s what makes the […]

Boss Monster – not all pixelated games are created equal

I was really excited to get this game in. It came in on the heels of Pixel Lincoln, and having another pixelated game in shop, especially one that allowed you to play as the antagonist, really intrigued me.

Firefly – The Board Game

I am a brown coat, and I aim to misbehave. So I have really enjoyed playing the game. Folks who aren’t fans, beware.

Alhambra – a surprising Spiel De Jahres winner

Alhambra is the Spiel De Jahres winner for 2003, but for this reason, I was extremely surprised when my feelings on the game were lacked a lot of luster.

Via Appia – A gimmicky stone pushing game with a lot of heart.

When I had the game described to me, the first thing that was mentioned was this mechanic where you shove rocks through a “grinder” in a fashion very similar to the quarter pusher machines you see at the fair or arcades. I was sold, lets play!