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Gen Con 2012 = all night Werewolf

I have played “Are you a Werewolf?” before at home with some friends, it’s a pretty laid back game that often turns into a silly “Lets Lynch Everyone!” party, rather than a reasonable thought exercise. I had heard that it was different when played at a convention where players tend to take the dynamics of the […]

The Gentlemen of the South Sandwiche Islands

Unlike many of the games we see in America, this is not simply a rehash of an already popular game. This game is unique, whimsical, and really has character.

Fealty – a territory snatching game that I loved

I must say that I love this game. I can certainly see us playing this one again and again and again.

Got’Em!: A meaty little filler game.

It’s simple, but thought invoking, and is a short game, which makes it a nice little filler. It’s hard to find filler games that have some meat to them, because meat usually takes time, but this game did a pretty good job of accomplishing this.

Stomple: Mmmm… delicious abstract logic games.

I like this game. I think it was well designed and carefully thought out. The components are quality, and the game scales nicely.

Duck! Duck! Go! : A streamlined RoboRally.

I suspected the game to be all fluff and no substance. I mean, come on, the selling point of the game is the bazillion cute different rubber duckies that you can buy to customize it. With a gag like that, who needs there to be an actual game? What I found pleasantly surprised me, for the second time.

Khet 2.0

I love Khet, don’t get me wrong, but for someone who already owns the original game, I didn’t find Khet 2.0 to have enough changes to really merit buying the new set.

Quarto: A tic-tac-toe variant that packs a punch

Game speed, unique mechanics, and logic without unnecessary complexity means that this game will have a place on my shelf for many many more years to come.

Zendo: An icehouse game I didn’t hate

Zendo creates a landscape for extreme logical deduction like no other game I have played, and I am itching to play it again.

Qubic: Garage sale treasure.

Ultimately, this wasn’t the best abstract logic game I have ever played, but for fifty cents, I certainly couldn’t go wrong.