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Fits: Tetris meets the table top

The biggest downfall of this game, in my mind, is also one of it’s strengths: You could play this game by yourself.

Khet/Deflexion: It’s chess… with lasers!

Last night this game got pulled out, at the request of a gaming buddy. And we played three games of it, one right after another, and I had just as much fun with it as the day that I bought it. It was still challenging, but the basic rules weren’t that hard to remember, and most importantly we had a great evening of satisfying gaming.

Elemental Chess: An Old Game With a New Twist

It’s a very neat twist on chess without delving completely into the ridiculous, although that doesn’t diminish my desire to give the designers a good kick in the pants.

Twixt – Superb game play meets outstanding logic

Twixt is one of our games of choice when it’s just me and my husband, sitting down for an evening together, in a competition of wits. Joining the ranks of favorites such as Chess and Quarto.