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Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege – subtle mechanics that change the game in big ways

While there wasn’t a slew of new rules, the cards that were present in this set were interesting and thought provoking.

Eaten by Zombies! – A Very Different Kind of Deck Builder

You really do feel like the horde is closing in around you, choking you off.

Nightfall: Marshal Law – A wonderfully dark follow up

This wonderfully dark follow up is certainly worth picking up.

Thunderstone: Doomgate Legion – More depth for a Great Game.

I like this expansion better then the first one, to me it feels like it added more depth to an already great game. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next expansion!

Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements – A new coat of shine for a loved game

What was nice was the new variety that the cards added, our original set of Thunderstone had kinda gotten stale. Really I guess that’s exactly what an expansion should do: leave the game you love in tact, just give it a new coat of shine.

Thunderstone – A more complicated Dominion with excellent game play.

This game is a winner, and I can now see why everyone told me I needed to give it a try.

Nightfall: A deck building game that gives “Dominion” and “Magic: The Gathering” a run for their money

I ran across a new game coming out that looked really interesting.  It was a deck building game with Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, and Humans. Reading the description left me both excited and apprehensive.  My hopes had just been burned badly with the purchase of “Resident Evil the Deck Building Game“.  I didn’t want to repeat […]

“Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game” all brand and no bang

The game designers seemed to focus too much on the pretty pictures and theme (which is admittedly what drew me in), and didn’t spend even half as much time making it play well.

Ascension: Another deck builder, but does it live up to Dominion?

This game is similar to Dominion, a game that I love, however I am bracing myself for hate mail, because I just really don’t like Ascension.

Dominion Alchemy: Broken or Just Awesome?

Initially I was slightly disappointed, but upon closer inspection this set contained a lot of very exciting, and very broken, cards.