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One of the players that regularly come into my shop has a taste in games that typically runs toward the harder to acquire euro games.  He often brings in one or two that I have never heard of in order to let me have a taste, and sometimes when he does that, I just can’t […]

Sequence + Skill = Crossways

“Oh! It’s like Sequence,” was my first thought when I saw this chip placing, card laying game. And while that wasn’t far from true, Cross Ways offered some interesting twists on this familiar game.

Fluxx: The Board Game – Not Your Average Looney Labs

If you are like me, and have a dislike of all things Fluxx, sit your negative bias aside for a moment and give this one a try. I’m not saying that it will change your mind and wow you, but you might be pleasantly surprised.

The Big Fat Tomato Game

Opening up the box, I found some components that immediately made me say,”OoooOooooOooo”.

Chupacabra – Can you survive the night?

  Chupacabra is the only game I actually bought during Gen Con 2012.  I was wandering through the halls, on my way from the Rio Grande room towards the main expo hall, when my attention was caught by a man carrying a serving tray suspended by a strap around his neck.  He beckoned me over, […]

Cheap Shot – Rummy has never been so insulting

One of the games that I saw at Gen Con 2012 was “Cheap Shot”.  Ok, I take that back… I didn’t actually see the game, but I talked to its creator, Lisa Steenson, about its premise and Kickstarter campaign.  The game was described to me as “Insult rummy” and I was invited to take part in a […]

Loch Ness – An Interesting Photo Snapping Game

This game, monopolizes on this popular myth to create a great game of luck and deduction that has you chasing the beast around the lake in an effort to get the beast picture of it when it emerges.

dabong! – A Math Filled Version of Uno

Clones.  The world of gaming is full of them.  Monopoly is the same as Ghettopoly which is the same as hundreds of other games.  Similarly, Crazy Eights is the same as Uno which is the same as “dabong!”.  These kinds of duplicates do one of two things:  A.) drive fans of that style of game […]

Put and Take Style Games

I’m not sure why, because I’m not Jewish, but the dradle game is one of those things that I picked up an understanding of as a child.  The same can be said about the term “put and take”, which describes the style of game that the dradle represents. This style of game is all about […]

Forces – A Bun that Needs to go Back in the Oven

“Huh, Forces… ,” I muttered as I began flipping through the cards and reading the rules.   With a name like that I had a mental image of pushing and pulling pieces around a board.  Maybe some complicated point system to determine the pull or push of a piece.  I had all these grand, complicated, […]