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Flash Point : Fire Rescue

If you can avoid leader-itis, I think this is a fabulous co-op game. It’s different than any other on the market that I have played, and that change up in flavor is quite welcome within this small genre.

Corporate America

It’s a cute game, with some fun mechanics, but 2+ hours is far too long for a game of it’s style.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule – Rhyming and Reason

What I was greeted with was a rhyming card game with a bit of strategy and a lot of whimsy.

Sequence + Skill = Crossways

“Oh! It’s like Sequence,” was my first thought when I saw this chip placing, card laying game. And while that wasn’t far from true, Cross Ways offered some interesting twists on this familiar game.

Island Fortress

Overall, while I enjoyed the mechanics of the game, the length of the game makes me take a moment of pause when deciding what I want to play.

Fluxx: The Board Game – Not Your Average Looney Labs

If you are like me, and have a dislike of all things Fluxx, sit your negative bias aside for a moment and give this one a try. I’m not saying that it will change your mind and wow you, but you might be pleasantly surprised.

Jambo: When “Special” Isn’t Special.

A close friend of mine found this game at a thrift store.  It still had the plastic wrap on it!  It’s just sad to see a game be discarded in this manner, and given that it was a two player game, he thought this might be a great thing to rescue for him and I […]

Snake Oil – It is what it’s name implies

The promise of a box full of laughter was merely snake oil.

The Big Fat Tomato Game

Opening up the box, I found some components that immediately made me say,”OoooOooooOooo”.

Chupacabra – Can you survive the night?

  Chupacabra is the only game I actually bought during Gen Con 2012.  I was wandering through the halls, on my way from the Rio Grande room towards the main expo hall, when my attention was caught by a man carrying a serving tray suspended by a strap around his neck.  He beckoned me over, […]