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Say Anything Family Edition

by John Quiett So I was recently asked by my mother to find a game that everyone in our family can play together, that wasn’t to silly and was not strategy based.  This was a surprisingly tall order when I got around to looking for this game.  I have two brothers, we all have wives/girlfriends […]

Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition

I love Are You A Werewolf? and it’s sister game Ultimate Werewolf.  That’s why we host an evening of it each month in my shop.  It’s also why I stay up till dawn during conventions.  Playing werewolf is more than just a game, it’s downright a hobby all of its own.  My other half knows […]

Telestrations Against Humanity

My gaming group fell upon two new favorite party games over the past few years:  Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity.  Telestrations is a hybrid between Pictionary and Telephone, while Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a politically incorrect re-imagining of Apples to Apples.  CAH is always raunchy, dirty, and all around in bad taste.  It’s what makes the […]

Cheap Shot – Rummy has never been so insulting

One of the games that I saw at Gen Con 2012 was “Cheap Shot”.  Ok, I take that back… I didn’t actually see the game, but I talked to its creator, Lisa Steenson, about its premise and Kickstarter campaign.  The game was described to me as “Insult rummy” and I was invited to take part in a […]

Gen Con 2012 = all night Werewolf

I have played “Are you a Werewolf?” before at home with some friends, it’s a pretty laid back game that often turns into a silly “Lets Lynch Everyone!” party, rather than a reasonable thought exercise. I had heard that it was different when played at a convention where players tend to take the dynamics of the […]

Who’s Got Game?

Party games. What makes them enjoyable? What makes them flops? This is a style of game that seems to be more art and less science, as the formula for success is a wibbly wobbly kind of thing. However, one ingredient that seems to always be present with such a success is laughter. “Who’s Got Game” certainly had […]

Telestrations Party Pack – more players for more fun.

This allows for a little more time for the pictures and guesses to go horribly wrong.

Ranking – a structured, bluffing, Apples to Apples.

When I probed my players further they described the game as “A more structured Apples to Apples”, which is a unique look at the game.

Last Word – Word Game or Party Game?

If evaluated as a 3-4 player word game, it’s fun and faced paced and I would totally play it again. But, as an 8 person party game, this game can go back on the shelf.

Gotcha! – a silly “keep up with the rules” party game

My players had a good time. They laughed and enjoyed themselves. However, we all agreed that the game needed to come with a larger deck of cards, because the game is less fun with each consecutive play.