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Evolution : The Orgin of Species (with Time to Fly Expansion) – AKA I made a critter!

So many games have names similar, Terra Evolution and Evo come to mind immediately, that saying “Lets play Evolution” becomes somewhat nondescript and meaningless. So why “Critters”? Because that is the affectionate term us hoosiers, with our own inestimable and particularly picayune parochial charm, seem to gravitate towards each time we played out a brand new unevolved creature.

Alhambra – a surprising Spiel De Jahres winner

Alhambra is the Spiel De Jahres winner for 2003, but for this reason, I was extremely surprised when my feelings on the game were lacked a lot of luster.

Via Appia – A gimmicky stone pushing game with a lot of heart.

When I had the game described to me, the first thing that was mentioned was this mechanic where you shove rocks through a “grinder” in a fashion very similar to the quarter pusher machines you see at the fair or arcades. I was sold, lets play!

Flash Point : Fire Rescue

If you can avoid leader-itis, I think this is a fabulous co-op game. It’s different than any other on the market that I have played, and that change up in flavor is quite welcome within this small genre.

Island Fortress

Overall, while I enjoyed the mechanics of the game, the length of the game makes me take a moment of pause when deciding what I want to play.

Jambo: When “Special” Isn’t Special.

A close friend of mine found this game at a thrift store.  It still had the plastic wrap on it!  It’s just sad to see a game be discarded in this manner, and given that it was a two player game, he thought this might be a great thing to rescue for him and I […]

Power Grid – The First Sparks

Neanderthals, cavemen, early humans.  Regardless of what you want to call them, I was immediately impressed with this designers ability to think outside of the typical theme box.   Power Grid: The First Sparks, is a brand new Friedemann Friese title.  For those who might be a little bit newer to the Euro-game market place, […]

King’s Vineyard

Mayday Games is one of those companies that I am rarely disappointed with.  In fact, their name on a game box is a selling point to me.  Why is that?  Because I can count on them to publish quality games, and King’s Vineyard is another example of that. This company’s dedication to quality shows from […]

Startup Fever – Entrepreneurs Come Out Swinging

A large brown package arrived on my doorstep.  I love it when I get packages, because packages mean games.  My acquisition team does most of the legwork these days, so that I can focus my attention on playing the games and writing the reviews (along with all those other business tasks that I must occupy […]

Terra Evolution – inspired mechanics, but less replay value

All and all, this game is worth playing a few times. The changes in the mechanics from a traditional deck builder are inspired.