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Venture Forth – Talisman blended with a Euro style resource management game

I think the game held up pretty well. The components were solid, the rules were well written, and (most importantly) the game play was fun.

Fealty – a territory snatching game that I loved

I must say that I love this game. I can certainly see us playing this one again and again and again.

Grave Business – awesome theme, but one-dimensional.

How awesome and wacky is a group of competitive necromancers who are entrepreneurs? Exactly. You know you love that theme. Just admit it to yourself right now. I just wish it would have been executed a little differently.

Evo – a board game version of “Spore”

This is definitely one I think will continue to be played, even after this review is posted.

North Pole – a snowy addition to our Christmas.

My players enjoyed the game, and I liked this snowy addition to my Christmas, even if that snow wasn’t out on my lawn.

Oil Springs of Catan – an Inconvenient Scenario

First they came for the number nine Sheep, but I didn’t worry, because I wasn’t on the number nine sheep.

Nomads Of Arabia – don’t judge this game by it’s cover

We found this game to be intriguing and a satisfying way to spend an evening.

The Heavens of Olympus – a Celestial Power Grid

Zeus is bored and wants something pretty to look at, so he has told some minor gods (you) to put some planets in the sky, because planets are pretty.

Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege – subtle mechanics that change the game in big ways

While there wasn’t a slew of new rules, the cards that were present in this set were interesting and thought provoking.

Nile DeLuxor: a good game, much to my chagrin.

I play fair, this was a good game, and I am saying so. But for future reference, it’s not usually wise to insult a reviewing blogger.