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Flower Fall – Originality is King

Over all, I have to give the designers props for originality. It’s a really silly, interesting, idea. And he pulled it off well, without it turning into an excuse to simply play 52 card pickup.

PongCano – Why are we still playing?

We kept bouncing the little ball, trying desperately to get it in the hole. Until someone finally asked, “Umm… guys? Why are we still playing this?” And that really struck this idea home. The game itself is simple, but the concept is addictive.

Spotcha! – Kidding Around With Spatial Relationships

Skill games are weird; they are silly, whimsical, and often look more like toys than games.  Thus, these days, I have learned that while you can make some educated guesses about a lot of games based upon the cover art and components, the same is not true for skill games.  For example, look at Shake […]

Toc Toc Wood Man

“It’s a game where you try to chop all the bark off a tree with a tiny axe!” said my business partner, Shawna, happily as she held up a new arrival.  I looked at her askew, “What?! “. She began to pull all of the pieces out of the box.  Light colored rings, dark colored […]

Bears! – A mixed bag of reviews

My business partners think this is the best thing since sliced bread, some of my friends want to forget it exists, and me? Well, I would play it again, but it isn’t at the top of my list.

Konexi – A Boggle and Jenga Hybrid

It’s a very different kind of challenge, which is always welcome in a category of gaming as stuffy as “word games”.

Mythbusters: Hit the Target Trivia Game – a good game for the prepubescent

It’s extremely hard to make a game that will live up to the expectations of a fan base.

Shake ‘n Take: A silly pen grabbing, and Easter egg shaking, game.

This game feels like it was created by a designer on a bet. “I bet you can’t make a game that the company would publish using only some card board, a dry erase pen, a single die, and a plastic Easter egg. Yes, you have to use the Easter egg!”

Donkey: A silly spoons variant

One of my business partners saw this game being played at Origins and really loved the look of it, so after talking with the designer, she scored us a copy for the purpose of a review.  She was excited to get a game going, but upon describing it as being similar to spoons, we had […]

On The Dot (Durchblick): a skill game with a different flare

They can’t all be winners, but this game is not a loser either.