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Boss Monster – not all pixelated games are created equal

I was really excited to get this game in. It came in on the heels of Pixel Lincoln, and having another pixelated game in shop, especially one that allowed you to play as the antagonist, really intrigued me.

Firefly – The Board Game

I am a brown coat, and I aim to misbehave. So I have really enjoyed playing the game. Folks who aren’t fans, beware.

Corporate America

It’s a cute game, with some fun mechanics, but 2+ hours is far too long for a game of it’s style.

Five Fingered Severance – You’re going to get fired, why not make it a blow out?

In FFS you play as clerks in a convenience store. You are going to be fired at the end of the day, that’s inevitable, so you want to steal, slack, and insult customers as much as possible before you go.

Pieces of Eight – Steal the Booty! Drink the Rum!

“You have to hear the story of this game.  It’s made by a guy who is in the army, over seas, right now.  He made this game while he was over there, and he is launching it on kickstarter!”, those were the words that came from my business partners mouth, and I must admit, my […]

Zombie Fried – Sometimes flavor is everything.

Do you ever feel like you are missing a joke?  That’s how I feel when I hear the title “Zombie Fried”.  Is this a zombie restaurant game?  One where you are frying things?  No?  Hmm… Well, then is this a game where you fry zombies with giant lasers or something?  Not that either?  Uhhh… Is it a […]

Zombie in my Pocket – a good filler for a larger group

Just remember that back stabbing is all in good fun!

Red Dragon Inn 3 – A Refreshing Update to an Already Fun Game

Today’s blog is by guest blogger: Paladin Revenant from “Confessions of a Casual Gamer”.

Zombie Ninja Pirates (Oh my!)

It’s humorous and easy to play, but it’s not going to replace meatier games on your game night.

Sentinels of the Multiverse Card Game – a Super Hero Co-Op.

We are fans of co-ops in my household. Maybe that makes us slightly biased, but everyone seemed to have a great time with this one, including the ones who are not big super hero fans.