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Ninja, Legend Of The Scorpion Clan – an Advanced Scotland Yard

It had the same flavor as Scotland Yard, but with more depth and general complexity. The added mechanics led to a world more strategy, and I think adds more replay value.

Go Hunt – A dirty adult game that was not what I was expecting.

Today’s blog is rated ‘M’ for Mature. It is full of suggestive themes that parents may find offensive. The folks from “Go Hunt” contacted me a little while ago, saying they would be interested in having their game reviewed.  I didn’t really think much of it, assuming that this was just another “Go Fish” variant. […]

Chaostle: Sorry meets Talisman

Every bit of this screams “Classic American Game”, and if you like that style, you’ll like this one. Judged within that category, this game is quite good. If however, you are a Euro Gamer, this will likely not float your boat.

Zombie High School

The ability to laugh at the character stereotypes, while feeding them to ravenous flesh eaters, is the real selling point of this game.

Oh Gnome You Don’t! But we did…

While “Oh Gnome You Don’t” doesn’t have any ingenious mechanics, it’s amusing. It’s a good fluff game.

Graverobbers: Huh?

 My small band of gamers and myself are on a bit of a new board game kick right now.  We’ve had several nights over the past two weeks that has simply involved us playing a number of small board and card games until we are two tired and delirious to do anything but sleep. […]

Trailer Park Wars: Watch out Steve Jackson, you’ve got competition!

It is largely humor based, so like Munchkin and Chez Geek I’m sure there will come a time when I can’t stand playing it any more, but its replay value is good for at the very least a few games. For this genre of play, that really is saying something.

Redneck Life: Good for a laugh, but don’t expect deep game play.

Redneck Life is a very funny roll and move game, but what about replay value?

“Experiment” a failed experiment

More of an excercise in following instructions then an engaging game, “Experiment” was a failed experiment.

Kill the Hippies: a Blasphemous Good Time

A spur of the moment pick up at Gen Con ’07 that results in lots of laughs, but certainly not for the easily offended.