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The Blood-Red Banner: The Alamo – Disappointing, all around

Between the confusing rules, the high price tag compared to the cheap components, and the poor game play I think it goes without saying that I really can’t recommend this game.

Ninja, Legend Of The Scorpion Clan – an Advanced Scotland Yard

It had the same flavor as Scotland Yard, but with more depth and general complexity. The added mechanics led to a world more strategy, and I think adds more replay value.

Castle Panic: A good children’s co-op game

This would make a nice family game because you aren’t playing against your kids, you’re playing with your kids. It’s a group effort, so in the end, everyone gets to feel good about the victory.

Arena Assault = a more player friendly “Lunch Money”

Lunch Money is one of those games that the majority of gamers have played, or have at the very least heard of. It’s based upon a school yard fight and has lots of dark and creepy imagery. I loved the concept, but when I finally set down to learn how to play it with a […]

Risk 2210 – much better when not playing with grumps

Once I fully understood the rules, and wasn’t playing with someone who was a total grump, it was a lot more fun.

Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead – An interesting war of attrition

It was interesting enough to certainly peek and keep my interest, despite the 5 hour playing time.

So Long Sucker: Another game to play with next to nothing

Last night I learned another great game that fits into the “gaming with next to nothing” category: So Long Sucker.

War on Terror: The evil balaclava beckons, but be prepared to stay for a few hours. (featuring guest author, Samantha Diamond)

Evil balaclava. Two words, one really big selling point. However, turn length was a downer.

Caledea: A Hidden Gem

The un-polished look of the game should not fool, this game is truly a gem.