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Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule – Rhyming and Reason

What I was greeted with was a rhyming card game with a bit of strategy and a lot of whimsy.

Last Word – Word Game or Party Game?

If evaluated as a 3-4 player word game, it’s fun and faced paced and I would totally play it again. But, as an 8 person party game, this game can go back on the shelf.

Konexi – A Boggle and Jenga Hybrid

It’s a very different kind of challenge, which is always welcome in a category of gaming as stuffy as “word games”.

The T-Shirt Game: My favorite comparative word game.

I think it goes without saying that my final opinion of this game is a good one. This has been a favorite in this category of game for a long time, and I think it’ll retain it’s title as the reigning king of comparison word games for a long time to come.

Dabble – a bilingual, apostrophe using, “Q” and “U” separating anagram game.

It has set on my desk, menacing me, practically daring to come to some sort of conclusion, and yet I haven’t been able to. Other games have come and gone while this one sat, just waiting for it’s write up. For it’s moment in the proverbial sun.

Faux-cabulary: Lots of Promise, But Short On Words

The premise is cute, and funny, and I see a lot of potential for a good game here. It just needs the addition of a couple dozen more cubes.

Word on the Street: Quite Possibly My New Favorite Word Game.

This might quite possibly be my new favorite word game, usurping “Snatch” for that title.

Lexigo – lots of good elements combined into one package

The racing around elements present in “Amuse Amaze” with the traditional tile laying of “Scrabble”, and with a healthy dollup of “Go Out First” mentality. Add it all up and you have Lexigo.

Amuse Amaze: Not Very Amazing.

This was not a game appropriate for my gaming group. I could see this going over OK with little kids or significantly older adults, but for a group of young adults, it really was less then stellar.

A game you should certainly SNATCH up.

I dislike most word games, they are slow and have limited player interaction: Snatch is different from all of these.