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Gen Con 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Gen Con 2014 has now passed, and my crew of volunteers and I have collapsed into tired piles.  It was a good convention, and it sounds like we broke record numbers again this year.  56,614 gamers flooded into the Indianapolis Convention Center, and played in  thousands of events, making this years Gen Con the biggest […]

Telestrations Against Humanity

My gaming group fell upon two new favorite party games over the past few years:  Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity.  Telestrations is a hybrid between Pictionary and Telephone, while Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a politically incorrect re-imagining of Apples to Apples.  CAH is always raunchy, dirty, and all around in bad taste.  It’s what makes the […]

Star Fleet Battles Recap – Dec 2013

Game Recap, 2013­12­22 We played three Star Fleet Battles games this time around: #1: Josh and Tony Josh and I played the introductory duel between a Klingon D7 Battlecruiser (Josh) and a Federation Heavy Cruiser using the Standard Game Rules. The ships approached each other. Josh pelted the Federation Cruiser with medium­range disruptor fire during […]

Star Fleet Battles Recap

From the guest pen of Tony Harding, GM for Star Fleet Battles.

Star Fleet Battles Demos at Game Paradise, 2013-11-24

Gen Con 2012 = all night Werewolf

I have played “Are you a Werewolf?” before at home with some friends, it’s a pretty laid back game that often turns into a silly “Lets Lynch Everyone!” party, rather than a reasonable thought exercise. I had heard that it was different when played at a convention where players tend to take the dynamics of the […]

Gamer Challenge for the week of May 7th

So how did our mechanics work out? Meh, I’ve certainly played better, but I’ve played worse as well.

Win a Copy of “Nile DeLuxor”!

Thanks to Minion Games, we have one free copy of this game to give away!

Gamer Challenge for the week of April 30th

So this weeks challenge was to “Play your favorite game”.  Wow.  Ok.  I don’t know about you, but I always have trouble answering anyone when they ask me what my favorite _______ is.  Life is a smorgasbord, why in the world would I pick just one?!  For some people picking a favorite game might be slightly […]

Gamer Challenge for the week of April 23rd

This weeks challenge was to play a game with eight or more people.  Going into this challenge I was cocky, because I don’t ever have trouble getting eight people together for a game.  My average game night has 14+ people, so eight is no sweat.  How could this challenge possibly be difficult?!  The short answer […]

Gamer Challenge for the week of April 16th

There is a reason that some of us have set strategies for a game, because they work. Or at the very least, they work for us.