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Gen Con 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Gen Con 2014 has now passed, and my crew of volunteers and I have collapsed into tired piles.  It was a good convention, and it sounds like we broke record numbers again this year.  56,614 gamers flooded into the Indianapolis Convention Center, and played in  thousands of events, making this years Gen Con the biggest […]

Gen Con 2012 = all night Werewolf

I have played “Are you a Werewolf?” before at home with some friends, it’s a pretty laid back game that often turns into a silly “Lets Lynch Everyone!” party, rather than a reasonable thought exercise. I had heard that it was different when played at a convention where players tend to take the dynamics of the […]

Whos Yer Con- 2012

Now only 364 more days to wait till next years Who’s Yer Con.

Gen Con 2011

We had a blast during our Gen Con. It’s always great to see the geeks out in force, showing our dork pride.

Gen Con Day 1

Gen Con doesn’t officially start till Thursday, but Tuesday is when many of the gamers start filtering in.

Origins 2011

We just rolled back in from Origins last night, and we had a blast!  We met a lot of really cool people and sold a lot of really cool merchandise. Cooler yet?  We picked up a whole mess of new games to review while we were there!  In the next couple of months you will […]

Who’s Yer Con 2011

This past weekend saw the opening and close of another great “Who’s Yer Con”.  We attended, along with many members of our gaming group, and had a blast. For those who are unaware, “Who’s Yer Con” is a small gaming convention in the Indianapolis area.  I believe this was it’s seventh year (the first three […]

Gen Con 2010

Over all it was a very successful Gen Con full of lots and lots of fun.

Gen Con 2009

Wow. Another Gen Con has come and gone. Here are some highlights of our adventures.