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Telestrations Against Humanity

My gaming group fell upon two new favorite party games over the past few years:  Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity.  Telestrations is a hybrid between Pictionary and Telephone, while Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a politically incorrect re-imagining of Apples to Apples.  CAH is always raunchy, dirty, and all around in bad taste.  It’s what makes the […]

Star Fleet Battles Recap – Dec 2013

Game Recap, 2013­12­22 We played three Star Fleet Battles games this time around: #1: Josh and Tony Josh and I played the introductory duel between a Klingon D7 Battlecruiser (Josh) and a Federation Heavy Cruiser using the Standard Game Rules. The ships approached each other. Josh pelted the Federation Cruiser with medium­range disruptor fire during […]

Star Fleet Battles Recap

From the guest pen of Tony Harding, GM for Star Fleet Battles.

Star Fleet Battles Demos at Game Paradise, 2013-11-24

Burlesque Bingo Bango – Adult gaming in Indianapolis

Normally when I think of “Gaming in Indianapolis” I envision conventions and gaming groups  (a.k.a. gaming geeks sitting around tables playing things such as “Settlers of Catan”).  However, this week I was invited by a friend to join in on a completely different gaming experience.  I never thought that I would associate local Indianapolis gaming […]