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Star Fleet Battles Recap

From the guest pen of Tony Harding, GM for Star Fleet Battles.

Star Fleet Battles Demos at Game Paradise, 2013-11-24

And we’re back…

I would like to first take a moment to apologize to my regular readers.  Life got rough over the past year, and a lot of personal life changes occurred.  However, now we are moving forward, stronger than ever.  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?  But let me offer a heartfelt apology to everyone […]

Our 100th Blog Entry

I logged in today to the authors area of my blog.  I was just popping in to take a look at our traffic numbers, fix a link that had gone awry, and maybe even work on a blog or two that have been lying around, waiting to be finished.  And that’s when I noticed it, […]

Moving Day: A Gamer’s Priorities.

Average folks have a board game shelf. Gamers may have a board game closet. Here at Game Paradise, we have a board game room, and it’s the largest room in the house.

Online Store Launch!

So what can you find in our online store? Lots and lots of gaming paraphernalia. Rather than just being one more place online to buy board games we have decided to bring you really cool hard to find gamer gear.

Game Paradise Update #3

We are still chugging along towards our dream, and we would like to thank all of our followers for their support and warm wishes. We are making huge strides towards making this dream a reality, there just happens to be more work to do.

Game Paradise Store Update #2

Many many people have been asking how things are progressing with the stores opening, so I thought I should address you all at once! We are chugging along steadily.

Game Paradise Castleton Store Update #1

…between Gen Con prep, website building, distributor catalog browsing, and business plan finishing, life has been very busy in the Bourne-Nisson household.