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Star Fleet Battles Recap – Dec 2013

Game Recap, 2013­12­22 We played three Star Fleet Battles games this time around: #1: Josh and Tony Josh and I played the introductory duel between a Klingon D7 Battlecruiser (Josh) and a Federation Heavy Cruiser using the Standard Game Rules. The ships approached each other. Josh pelted the Federation Cruiser with medium­range disruptor fire during […]

Star Fleet Battles Recap

From the guest pen of Tony Harding, GM for Star Fleet Battles.

Star Fleet Battles Demos at Game Paradise, 2013-11-24

Gamer Challenge for the week of March 12th

This weeks challenge was a very successful group effort! Featuring guest blogger, Lauren Hack.

Red Dragon Inn 3 – A Refreshing Update to an Already Fun Game

Today’s blog is by guest blogger: Paladin Revenant from “Confessions of a Casual Gamer”.

Agricola – Primitive subsistance farming was never more fun

From the guest pen of Tristan Bourne-Nisson. First off, I want to make it known that I’m not the usual blogger here. If you are some kind of crazy stalker of this site then you might remember me as Peppers. I occasionally edit Null_Entry’s blogs when I spot enough “howevers” to set off my CDO […]

War on Terror: The evil balaclava beckons, but be prepared to stay for a few hours. (featuring guest author, Samantha Diamond)

Evil balaclava. Two words, one really big selling point. However, turn length was a downer.