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Telestrations Against Humanity

My gaming group fell upon two new favorite party games over the past few years:  Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity.  Telestrations is a hybrid between Pictionary and Telephone, while Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a politically incorrect re-imagining of Apples to Apples.  CAH is always raunchy, dirty, and all around in bad taste.  It’s what makes the […]

Down time during transition…

I thought all of my readers were owed this post.  You might have noticed that there hasn’t been any new material up for several days, and this is due to a large life change on my behalf.  I apologize for this sudden lack of material.  This does not mean that the blog is going away, […]

Gamer Music – Embracing Geeky Culture Through Song

For long standing members of the gaming community, embracing this gamer geek music is simply a great way to let our nerd flag fly proudly.

Happy PI Day!

We hope you are having a great PI day!

Does game theme matter? Your mouth says ‘No’, but your wallet says ‘Yes’.

Perhaps gamers do not realize their bias towards or against certain themes.

The Board Game Academy Awards

Here is the list of “Games to play after Thanksgiving dinner while you are trying to digest that second piece of pumpkin pie – 2011” nominees!

Halloween Party Games

These are just a couple of silly Halloween party ideas. We have had great fun with both of these, and I hope you can incorporate them into your own party. Enjoy!

Zombie Dice Statistical Analysis: Getting the most brains without getting shotgunned

A whole lot of math and logic, and possibly way more than the folks who search for “how to get the most brains” wanted to know. However, I think it’s a very interesting look at a very simplistic game.

Gaming Pet Peeves

After you play enough games you start seeing these kinds of things pop up everywhere. It’s enough to drive a sane woman absolutely nuts, which may explain a few things.

Another Installment of: Gaming with nothing (or next to nothing).

With the fall quickly approaching, and thus the temperatures slated to lower to a more humane level, this time I am focusing on games that can be played outside in your yard or park.