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Corporate Board Game Companies: Good for Profits, Bad for Gamers.

When I think about board games “corporate” is not the first thing that comes to mind.  But increasingly, the board game is becoming a corporate entity. I had never really thought about this till just the other evening.  My husband and I, via Game Paradise, are the custodians of approximately 1100 different board games these […]

Deck Building Games: the Lifespan of a Genre

From the infancy of this genre to the present, we have seen the mechanics employed by creaters grow and mature.

Caramel Bacon Popcorn

One thing led to another and bacon was brought up.

Is Football a “Gamer’s Sport”?

I’ve noticed an interesting correlation recently between football and gamers.

Flavors of Word Games

Word games.  Some people cringe at the thought, while others are gung-ho about them.  Teachers love them.  Students often hate them.  But what comes to mind when you think of  “word game”?  For me, and I think many others, “Scrabble” is the first thing to pop into our mind.  It is the classic word game. […]

Gaming Groups: One of lifes little joys

How does an eager gamer find thier own little slice of gaming group joy?

Gaming as an American Recession Hobby

Has the belt been tightened in your household? Perhaps you should consider doing what our forefathers have done, and consider pulling out a board game to fill your evening with relaxation and laughter.

Holiday Help from GP

I think most people enjoy board games, but it has to be the right game for the right person, and that’s where I hope to help.

Breaking the cardboard crack addiction

My name is Victoria Bourne-Nisson and I am a recovering card board crack addict.

Gamer’s for Humanity

Some information on a great gamer charity group that helps needy families grow closer, as well as encourages volunteer opportunities in your community.