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Gaming with nothing, or next to nothing.

This Monday was Labor day, a great day for getting together with loved ones, barbecuing, and just generally having fun. ┬áMonday also happened to be my gaming groups usual night together, so in the spirit of the holiday we all trooped down to the neighborhood shelter to utilize the grills. ┬áDelicious beer brats, and beer, […]


Comic Strip

Nothing new under the Sun.

Comic strip

A gamers German to English Dictionary

We have compiled a short English to German dictionary of gamer terms that every gamer who dabbles in German games should know. Enjoy!

Observation: European vs. American Games

I think American board game companies could do well to adopt some of the practices of European board game designers.

Televised Gaming

Televised poker seems like an odd phenomenon to me. Yet, we have not seen any attempts at televising other popular games. That begs the question, why isn’t there televised Monopoly?

BG-17 (for graphic violence and language): An argument for better game rating

Dilemmas in classing games makes me long for a simple system, like the TV rating system: “This game contains: Violence, Nudity, and Suggestive Themes.”

Abstract Strategy games: What separates logical gold from a fallacy filled flop?

I love abstract strategy games, but what classifies one as ‘good’?

Please game responsibly.

Two extreme accounts of gaming gone wrong.

A solid knowledge base: Help or Hindrance?

It seems that any time the phrase “It works just like ______” is said during an explanation of rules problem arise. Thus should we be relying on that knowledge base?