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Starfleet Battles Recap 7.13.2014

SH114­­ Old Enemies on the Rocks This scenario pitted the Tholians vs. the Seltorians in an asteroid field. Gren and Tony played the Tholians, while Nick and James played the Seltorians. Each side had one light cruiser and one destroyer. The two sides began at low speed, closing the distance between them. The first turn […]

Starfleet Battles Recap 3.15.2014

Game Recap, 2014-03-15 Game #1: Klingons vs. Federation Robert and Tony each played a Federation Heavy Cruiser (CA) versus Gren and James, who each played a Klingon D7 Battlecruiser (D7). The two sides closed. The Klingons launched disruptors against the lead Federation CA, eliminating its front shield reinforcement and causing minor damage to the #1 […]

Stranded – exactly what I don’t want to be with this game

I love abstract logic games.  They are like a private little treat for me.  I certainly have my favorites, but trying out a new one makes me a bit giddy.  So imagine my chagrin every time I try one that is anywhere near as abysmal as Stranded. Stranded is a game that in theory sounds […]

ZombiePox : Save the People

ZombiePox.  *sigh* Zombies are cool, and right now they are big business.  TV shows, movies, merchandise, and games all seem to sell well when they have the zombie theme on them.  However, I start to find it irritating when games simply have a zombie theme pasted on top of an otherwise un-zombie game.  That is […]

Firefly – The Board Game

I am a brown coat, and I aim to misbehave. So I have really enjoyed playing the game. Folks who aren’t fans, beware.

Pixel Lincoln – A new flavor of Deck Builder

My first experience with Pixel Lincoln was last year at Gen Con.  I had some time to kill and I was holding onto a friends backpack while she did a run of True Dungeon, and I certainly didn’t want to lug it very far!  So I looked for a game to camp at for a […]

Tapple – Fast, Furious, and Fun

I love BHOPs.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they make me a little giddy.  What’s a BHOP you ask?  Well, here in the shop, it’s slang for Big Hunk Of Plastic.  In reality it’s any unique component, usually made of plastic, that is large and bulky.  A special pawn would not […]