Cloud 9: A high flying liars dice variant

Liars dice is a game that is synonymous with Jack Sparrow and sea faring pirates after its debut in the “Pirates of the Carribean” movies. However, liars dice doesn’t always have to be so gruff, it can be down right colorful and full of balloons.

I had never had the pleasure of playing Cloud 9 before, but my close friend had and was excited to teach it to us. When we first started setting things up, it didn’t occur to me what this game was closely mimicing. It took a couple of games before it dawned on me, “This is a liars dice variant!”.

A track circles the outside of the board to keep track of each players points. The basket in the middle travels up and down the center track.

In Cloud 9, players take turns being the pilot of a hot air balloon. Each of the balloon passengers have to make the tough decision each turn if they should stay in for another round and ride the balloon to higher altitudes, or bail out and head back to the ground, and safety.

Each turn the pilot rolls a number of dice, indicated on the board. The sides of the dice show different colors of balloons. Each player has a hand of cards showing different colored balloons. Now each passenger must ask themselves a very important question, “Do you believe the pilot has balloon cards matching the dice they rolled?”. If you think they do, stay onboard. If you don’t think so, bail now and float down to safety, taking a number of points equal to the balloon’s current height.

The dice used in the games. Shown here are a few of the possible colors needed. One side of each dice is also a blank, allowing for a free ride.

So what happens if you guess wrong?

If you think they have the cards, and they don’t, the balloon plummets back to earth and you receive no points for your high flying adventure that round. So the skill comes into play by pushing your luck as far as possible, but also knowing when to bail out.

So while this has a very different theme then most liars dice games, many of the elements at the core are the same. Personally I like this game a lot better then the “Pirates of the Carribean” liars dice set that also graces our shelves.

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