dabong! – A Math Filled Version of Uno

Clones.  The world of gaming is full of them.  Monopoly is the same as Ghettopoly which is the same as hundreds of other games.  Similarly, Crazy Eights is the same as Uno which is the same as “dabong!”.  These kinds of duplicates do one of two things:  A.) drive fans of that style of game wild. Or B.) annoy and frustrate gamers who are looking for something different and instead wind up with the same old thing again.

As stated earlier “dabong!” is an Uno clone.  What do I mean by that?  On your turn you will play one card down from your hand onto a stack of cards in the center of the table.  In order to play down a card you must match either the suit or the number on the card played last.  So if a jack of diamonds was the last card played, the next player could play a jack or any diamond.  The first player to run out of cards is the winner.  dabong! takes this idea and adds a few details to it.

The first main difference that stands out is that the suits are different.  The game has fire, mountains, bubbles, and clouds rather than hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.  However, the game maintained the standard Ace through King card numbers. This change in suits was one that seemed to be much more about aesthetics than game play.  Some cards also have dual suits.  These cards can be played as if they were either suit shown.

The second major difference lies with what cards can be played onto the stack.  Each card has a number on it, such as the queens have the number “12”.  While this card is on the top of the stack, players can play down cards that add or subtract together to get that number.  So for instance if the queen of mountains is on the top of the stack, a player can play down an eight of bubbles and a four of bubbles, because those two combined equal 12.  Consequently if a two was on the top of the stack, the player could play an eight of fire and a six of fire, because 8-6 = 2.

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So when I first sat down to play, I hadn’t read through the rules yet, and thus didn’t know what to expect.  We were a group of adults (all in our late 20’s and early to mid 30’s) , and after reading the rules we all had the same moment of “Oh… it’s Uno…”.  After a couple of hands our opinion didn’t really change either, which I thought it might given the adding and subtracting.  I thought that it might make it a bit more of a “thinking man’s Uno”.  Nope.  So we started talking about who this game would be good for.  Unanimously, we decided kids.


This is a kids game through and through, much like the original Uno.  The newly added adding and subtracting feature just adds a small bit of educational inclination to the game, without it being really pushy.  For someone in the 6-10 age range, this is a perfect little game.  The kids could easily have a great time playing this with Grandma.

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