“Experiment” a failed experiment


Last night we broke out a copy of Experiment, and it was just that, an experiment.  We had never played the game before, and given that it is in our collection, that just didn’t seem right.  It’s good that we learned how to play, but it’s probably one I won’t get out of the box again for quite a long time.

We read through the rules (OK, actually, I read through the rules and then explained the game to the others).  I thought it sounded pretty OK from the instructions, but really it was just one big dud.  The game play seemed to move slow, with far too many turns of not being able to do anything.  More time seemed to be spent each round simply redealing all the necessary cards than was actually spent on significant game play.

The one mechanic I thought would be fun, but wasn’t, was the initiative cards.  These essentially let you bid on what order the players took their turns, but more often than not simply seemed completely random.  Furthermore, my fellow gamers never quite seemed to get straight how the player order went based upon those initiatives.  Really that whole mechanic could have been simplified for ease of use, and probably tweaked to be more strategic.

By the time the twelve rounds were over, we all seemed happy to have it come to a close.  We counted up our points, declared our winner, and then all sat there, extremely unsatisfied with our gaming, trying to decide what was next on our evenings docket.

When the other gamers were asked what they thought of the new game, there was simply a lot of apathetic shrugging and ‘Eh… I guess it was OK…’ responses.  This general response surprised me, given the games BGG score of 6.38, which is respectable for an uncommon game, but I couldn’t disagree with their lack of enthusiasm.

Perhaps there are people in this world who enjoy this game.  But it certainly wasn’t meant for my crowd.  It was more an exercise in following instructions and less an engaging game.  The mechanics seemed weighty and cumbersome for a quick pickup filler game, yet it offered none of the punch and satisfaction of “main course” games.  On the whole, Experiment was a failed experiment.

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