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Flapjacks and Sasquatches: avoid Sasquatch lovin’!

I ran across this game on kickstarter a couple of months back, and I was intrigued by its silly premise:  Chop down trees in an effort to be the best lumberjack, while avoiding the Sasquatches!  See, I told you it was silly.

The trees that you can chop down.

The trees that you can chop down.

The game starts out with a deck of tree cards.  On your turn, if you are not already working on chopping down a tree, you take the first tree off the top of the deck and put it in front of you.  Now it’s time to start chopping!  Each tree requires a certain number of hits before it will fall, and each tree is worth a certain number of points once it does.  Those are both indicated on the bottom of the tree card.

But before you can work on chopping down that tree, you need an axe, and maybe some gloves, and some nice sturdy boots would be good, and… You get the idea.  Each turn you can play down one of these item cards, to make chopping a little bit easier.  Some simply prevent you from hurting yourself, like good boots and gloves, while others actually help you get the job done, like a titanium axe.

Handy dandy equipment!

Handy dandy equipment!

Once you have an axe, it’s time to start chopping!  This is done with some simple dice rolls.  The number of dice you roll is dependent on how good of an axe you have.  You’ll roll the dice, and every die that rolls a 4, 5, or 6 hits the tree leaving a nice large gash that brings it one step closer to breaking!

None of this seems terribly silly, you say?  Oh ye of little faith.  That’s what the Sasquatches are for!  Well, those and some of the other silly effect cards.  This game has cards like “Lure Help” which shows a lumberjack in a bikini, and “Sasquatch mating season” which depicts a lumberjack being carried off for some lovin’.  There are also fun cards like “Tree Hugger” which we found rather amusing (at least it might be if you’re not a tree hugger.  If you are a tree hugger, what are you doing playing an offensive game about chopping down innocent trees!?)



Ultimately, this is a beer and pretzels game:  there isn’t a lot of strategy to it, it’s really easy to play, and it’s silly.   You could take this down to your local pub and play it over a pint of your favorite on-tap brew, and be able to continue playing it with about the same skill level after your fifth or sixth pint.  Or you could take it over to your in-laws (you know, the ones that aren’t really “gamers” but like to try to indulge your hobby) and they would be able to “get it” without a whole lot of fuss.

Is this a good game?  Well, that depends on how you feel about beer and pretzel style games.  They aren’t my favorite variety, but the game was amusing, and I wouldn’t be put out if someone wanted to play it.  However, it’s not one I am itching to play time and time again.  That’s generally is my take on many beer and pretzel games.  If you enjoy this kind of laid back, silly simplicity, this game might be right for you.

Would you like to read the full rules?  Click here to download a PDF of them now!

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