Flash Point : Fire Rescue

“Oooo… It’s a co-op game!”

I’ve really grown to love cooperative games, ever since I played Pandemic and learned that there were good cooperatives out there, and that they weren’t all like Arkham Horror (i.e. five hour lessons in how to cope with boredom).  Co-ops tend to be tense, with a built in “on the edge of your seat” feeling, that really makes me excited to play.  And when you add in the fact that no one is eliminated and thus no one leaves the table in a foul mood… well, I’m sold.

Game Information
Flash Point: Fire Rescue
DesignerKevin Lanzing
ArtistLuis Francisco, George Patsouras
PublisherIndie Boards & Cards, 999 Games, Asmodee, Bard Centrum Gier, Devir, FunBox Jogos, Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Hobby Japan, Magellan, MINDOK
Year Published2011
# of Players1 - 6
Playing Time45
Mfg Suggested Ages10 and up
MechanicAction Point Allowance System, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Pick-up and Deliver, Simulation, Variable Player Powers
ExpansionFlash Point: Fire Rescue - Fire Prevention Specialist, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – 2nd Story, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Critically Wounded Victims, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Dangerous Waters, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Explosive Objects, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger Kickstarter Bonus Pack, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Fire Academy Challenge, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Hazmat POI, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Heavy Victim, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Honor & Duty, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Lightly Wounded Victims, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Locked Doors, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Urban Structures, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Veteran and Rescue Dog, Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Victim with Oxygen Tank
FamilyCrowdfunding: Kickstarter, Firefighting, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Solitaire Games
Alternate Names01: Большой пожар, 18 Soldats du feu, 911 to the Rescue, Au Feu! 911 Pompiers, Flash Point: Ao Resgate, Flash Point: Flammendes Inferno, Flash Point: Met en voor elkaar door het vuur!, Ognisty Podmuch, ¡Rescate!, Záchranáři: Boj s ohněm, フラッシュポイント:火災救助隊

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When I and my fellow team mates sat down to explore this co-op game for the first time, we had a customer who wandered in from a wedding reception across the street and recognized the game.  She was excited, but when we told her it was our first game, there was a near instantaneous change in demeanor, it went from “Awesome!  Flashpoint!” to “Awww… those poor suckers aren’t going to know what hit them…”.   So when we won our first game, I was really proud of my little team.

You see, we were playing on the “Family Mode”.  It’s the set of rules that you follow if you are a family of non-gamers, or have very small children that you want to help get involved in gaming.  However, the difficulty rating wasn’t properly placed for gamers of our skill level.  So we upped the anti to the “Veteran level” of the “Experienced Game” rules.

In the Experienced Game, each player plays a different kind of firefighter attempting to put out the blaze and rescue the family and pets inside.  Each firefighter type has different specialty skills which will help hem perform different tasks.  For example, one player can play as the paramedic.  The paramedic heals family members and pets found inside the home, which makes them easier to save, however, that character can’t actually fight the fire very well.

Turns, and the actions you can perform on them, are dictated through a clever “Action Point” system.  Different actions take different amounts of AP, but a simple cheat sheet makes this all easy to manage, and makes the game very interesting.  By having the different actions require different amounts of AP to accomplish them, it really properly shows the difficulty of each action.  For example, moving one space on the board only requires 1 AP, unless of course you are trying to move through a space that is on fire, then it requires 2 AP.  Because, wouldn’t you think it’s more difficult to move through an area that is on fire?


After a player completes the actions they want, then the fire spreads.  This is simulated by rolling two dice (a D8 and a D6) and locating the board space that this references.  If there is no fire or smoke in this spot, then smoke now appears there.  However, if there is smoke in that location, or fire adjacent to that location, the fire now spreads to this new spot.  And what happens if there is already fire in this spot?  An explosion wracks the house!

Explosions are what killed us 9 times out of 10.  You see, when an explosion goes off, it damages walls, blows out doors, and spreads the fire even more.  To demonstrate that a wall is damaged, you place a black cube on the wall.  The game comes with a finite number of black cubes, and when they run out, the house collapses in and kills all the remaining people:  Game Over.

In addition to the special roles, the “Experienced Game” comes with two special tokens that are designed to help the game kill you faster.  Firstly there are hazardous materials that will explode if the fire spreads to their location.  More explosions are always a bad thing.  However, even worse than an explosion is a hot spot.  Hot spots are marked by tiny flame markers on the board.  Whenever you roll a hot spot location, you perform whatever is necessary for that spot (smoke, fire, or explosion) and then you roll again, causing more smoke, fire and explosions.  Is the second role a hot spot as well?  If so, keep rolling.  If not, this spot will become a hot spot for future turns.

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'Flash Point: Fire Rescue
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This game does suffer from one major problem to me: the ability for “leader-itis”.  Granted, most co-ops game have this problem, but this one has it bad.  If you have never experienced leader-itis, you might be wondering what I’m talking about, but once it happens once or twice, you’ll be certain to recognize it in the future.  Leader-itis is when one person decides they are going to be the leader of the group, barking orders as it becomes each persons turn.  Yes, it’s a co-op and thus you want to work together and discuss.  However, “Ok, so it’s your turn, you should put out that fire, and then move that way, and open that door.  Ok, lets roll for smoke… ok, smoke is placed.  Now it’s your turn, you should move up and check that point of interest, and then put out that fire and move to that door… ” After a round or two of that, I just want to smack them around and say “Stop it!  Let them actually PLAY the game too!”

So, if you can avoid leader-itis, I think this is a fabulous co-op game.  It’s different than any other on the market that I have played, and that change up in flavor is quite welcome within this small genre.  I’ve played roughly six experienced games of Flash Point now, and have only won one of them.  Personally, I really like that.  I like a challenge, and this game has certainly proved to be just that.


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