Game Paradise Castleton Store Update #1

Well, as you can see, the store becomes more real every day.  We are now building our online presence at an extraordinary rate, and we hope that the amount of activity we see will help encourage lenders that we have a good amount of support from the community.

Speaking of lenders, we are getting ominously close to seeking money to make this happen.  The business plan is 90% complete, and the final details are filling in.  It has taken us about four months to compile that document, but we hope that the amount of careful detail and thought that we have put into it will pay off, both in a business loan, but also in giving us a better idea of where trouble spots might be so we can attempt to correct them in a hurry.

Other than the business plan, and a large leap in online presence, our big achievement lately has been digging through distributor catalogs.  We had originally thought we could only afford to carry about 80 games based upon the amount of money that we allocated towards start up inventory, but have been quite pleasantly surprised.  It looks like we are going to be able to carry roughly 300 different titles!  Very exciting.  The split of what we already had in the library vs what we would need is about 50/50.  Thus we will need to pick up a library copy of 150 of those games, which amazingly will put our starting library totals to over 700 different games.  That makes me very happy. 😀

We are also gearing up for Gen Con 2009.  As you may have noticed, we have a Cafe Press store attached to our site now, and we intend to be sporting some of our gear at the Con this year in hopes of spreading our name around a little bit more.  It’s all back to increasing Internet traffic.  (“See! See!  We have a viable idea!  Just look at how many page views I’ve had in the last month!)  But given that we expect Internet traffic to increase we are trying to spiff things up around here.  So if you notice something in particular that requires ‘spiffing’, please let us know.

So between Gen Con prep, website building, distributor catalog browsing, and business plan finishing, life has been very busy in the Bourne-Nisson household.

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