Game Paradise Update #3

It’s been approximately a year since we first set out on this project, and looking back, we have accomplished a huge amount.  We do not have the store open yet, and that is certainly a sadness, however a great many affairs have been put into place, and this extra time has allowed us the opportunity to reevaluate portions of our business model.

Our accomplishments have been a lesson in doing so much with so little.  Currently we have yet to secure funding of any significant kind, instead working purely from our savings and income.  But regardless of this challenge we have acquired a good many assets.   We currently have 647 board games in our game library, a plethora of shelving and gondolas, a large check out counter, a computer for our point of sale system as well as a custom system to run on it, a PA and sound system, gumball and candy machines, some decorating and theming items, this website, the list goes on and on.

There is of course a good many things that we still need, and these items are what is holding up the opening of our shop.  Firstly, we need tables and chairs to seat all of our smiling patrons while they game.  We have done a lot of research and believe we may have found a really great deal on these items, but it’s still a fairly large expense.   Secondly, we need starting inventory.  We have met with several large distributors in the region and have compiled a starting inventory of nearly 400 items.  Lastly, we need the working capital (aka, cash) to support the store through its first few months, while the cash flow is weak and word of mouth is still spreading.  Of course there are lots of other small items that we need to procure: trash cans, sale bags, a printer, etc, but those are the big expenses that are still looming.

So we are still chugging along towards our dream, and we would like to thank all of our followers for their support and warm wishes.  We are making huge strides towards making this dream a reality, there just happens to be more work to do.

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